Hello there!!! I'm quite active on the Internet and regularly write web pages based on parties and events that I go to. So I have set up this sub domain to host the web pages that I have so far written.
The regularly updated sites:
#perthpeoples/#perthchat web page

#perthpeoples & #perthchat site.
Lots of hours went into this one!
#perthpeoples/#perthchat meets

Photos taken with my digital
cameras at channel meets
Once only events and sites
Manjimuup 15000 motocross
6th June, 1999
National Motocross Championship
13th June, 1999

#30+ Kings Park luncheon
17th December, 1998
#20-25'sBar BBQ at Burswood
6th December, 1998
#perth-16-20 Party
10th April, 1999
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