Here are some of the pics that were taken at the #20-25'sBar IRC channel bbq in Perth on Sunday, 6/12/98.
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Albean. With a can of beer.
Phildo and Cool38. Phildo letting the fingers do the walking.
Tronya, photographed from a really strange angle.
Albean again. With a can of bear. Yobbos in the background, each with a can of bear.
Yup, surprise, surprise... A bunch of yobbos standing around, with a can of bear each.
Wanderer and saralee, engaging in yet another of the bizarre mating rituals.
Albean again, no can of bear this time, it's probably out of the shot.
saralee, looking very succulent in her bikini. In the background is bess.
Tiggrrrrr, Trona, and Phildo in the foreground.
Group Photo
Some alcoholic bloke that we found passed out on the park bench. Rumour has it that his name is Garry, and he normally lives with Wanderer.
Starbrees and Tiggrrrrr sharing an icecream, amongst other things...
Tronya and saralee
Wanderer and saralee again. Interesting body language there from both of them.
Yet another of their bizarre mating rituals is captured on film.
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