The Intro:
Welcome to my page of photos for the 1999 Manjimup 15000! I have been going to the Manjimup 15000 motocross event every year since 1985 and this year took my Kodak DC210 Plus digital camera along to see what photos I could get. Being a digital camera (and hence the slow shutter speeds) I wasn't able to capture many action shots but managed to get some good photos of the track and pits. Manjimup always manages to put on good weather for the day and this year was no exception.

The Outcome:
Wow, is this Andrew MacFarlane's year or what? Currently leading the Australian 250cc Motocross Championship, he also managed to win the 1999 Manjimup 15000 on his Yamaha YZ250! No doubt that massive pay cheque for the day will put a smile on his face! With 1st, 2nd, and 4th it was a good day for Yamaha fans. Meanwhile last year's winner, Lee Hogan wrestled the slightly heavier Yamaha YZF400 around the course to come in 2 points behind MacFarlane at the end of the day.

*** List of results for the 1999 Manjimup 15000 event ***
Ok, enough babbling... Time for some photos! I have published
37 photos here, and broken them down into three categories:

Trackside and around the pits

Racing and action photos

The Jack Daniels ladies (WOW!)

Who published this site?
Me! My name is Phillip McGree and I have been interested in motocross and enduros for most of my life. Although bikes are my first love, I also have an interest in digital cameras and writing web sites. If you have way too much spare time there's more info about the site author here.

How was this page produced?

  • With a Macintosh! What else?
  • The Computer: Power Computing PowerCentre 120 (ie Power Mac clone). My girlfriend's Mac; after recently selling my Power Mac 7300/180 I'm still looking for a replacement until I get a G3 PowerBook in a few months.
  • The camera: Kodak DC210 Plus. Kodak make great digital cameras, I highly recommend them!
  • Software: Apple Mac OS 8.1, Adobe Photoshop 5.02 (I just love the HotText plug-in!), GoLive CyberStudio 2.03.
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Originally published 10th June, 1999. Updated 13th September, 1999.

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