Hello there! This page contains various photos that have been taken at meets of the #perthpeoples and #perthchat IRC channels, which are on the oz.org IRC network.
Dollface's BBQ
27th November, 1998

Pistol Shooting
12th December, 1998

Beatty Park Swimming Complex
14th December, 1998

Burswood BBQ
24th January, 1999

Bayswater Pool
12th March, 1999

Kath's Place
13th March, 1999
Pez's Place
19th March, 1999
Tobby's birthday
16th April, 1999
Party at Pez's
1st May, 1999- Part 1
Party at Pez's
1st May, 1999 - Part 2
Breil'lya's Birthday
4th June, 1999
Gnangara Off Road Classic
26th June 1999
MasterG's Birthday
3rd July 1999
Party at Pez & Payback's
10th July 1999
Tirza's Birthday
7th August 1999
Backup's Birthday Party
21st August 1999
Return to Gnangara
28th August, 1999
MsBeanTed's Birthday
19th November, 1999
*** NEW! Barton's Mill Off-Roading NEW! ***
1st April, 2000
Off road we go again!
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