Saturday, 28th August, 1999
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Group photo (L to R) Breil'lya, Gumby, Thrawn, bakwolf, and Backup
Group photo - despite earlier denials, it was proven conclusively that bakwolf is extremely ticklish!
Group photo - (l to r) Kath, Pez, bakwolf, and Backup
Group photo
Group photo, with the famous chair
Phildo and RageGirl
ReDeYeFlY, push the bike back for the umpteenth time
RageGirl, doing what she's good at
Gumby and bite_babe go for a roll
RageGirl and bite_babe show us what they're made of
bite_babe with a big smile, Pez makes sure the bra is unclipped
Where all the action is... the mud puddles!
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