Woohoo!!! We all finally got to check out Kath's new house!! Naturally, as a mark of respect, traditional #perthpeoples and #perthchat attitudes were maintained to a high level... ie drunkardness, abusing the host's PC on IRC, various jokes and silly stories, and a bunch of blokes taking apart DeVilish's Mercedes.

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Group photos. People behaving themselves. No one falling over drunk (Not mentioning any names... Jonno...). Very rare pics. :P
Certain people taking turns to outdo each other in #netsex
Male bonding at its best!! (ie note Payback's tongue...
Jonno, convincing us (rather unsuccessfully) that he was not drunk.
Pez, observing that Shyam is indeed extremely ticklish.
Thrawn, practicing a manoeuvre that he read in a book somewhere (or was it on video?).
Shyam reaching for something, whilst Thrawn reaches for... ummm... something else...
Phildo, the bloke that writes these pages. Nice facial expression, even nicer shirt!!!
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