The birthdays for Makave|i and MsBeanTed are with a few days of each other, hence it was time for a dinner at the Lonestar Restaurant in Morley.

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B'day Couple - Pic 2
B'day Couple - Pic 3
B'day Couple - Pic 1
The birthday couple - Makave|i and MsBeanTed!
Group photo 1
Group photo 2
A very "happy" place! One of the signs that was on the wall just hear our table.
From left to right: Jolene, Malcom, Eiliah, and Naomi. Our team for the night.
One of the channel regulars, attempting to hide after being noticed pocketing a Backup of the cutlery!
SJ takes one look at GiGgLeS and reacts instinctively by opening his wallet.
SJ again, taking the "reach out and touch someone" theme as far as he can.
Pez and Foxcie, the latter showing her usual photogenic talents.
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