Yup, another great night at Pez's! Typical #perthpeoples and #perthchat antics, with the resulting alcohol induced fallovers, voyeristic acts, "interesting" body language, etc, etc.

This is part 1, there is also part 2 with 11 more photos!

To see a full screen size photo, just click on the text or the photo itself.

Group photo 1
Group photo 2
Group photo 3, Tobby also shows us what he's made of.
Umm.... ahhh... errr... Chop, being an assertive '90s woman!
bakwolf and Tobby playing "Bill and Monica"
"Jack lives here..."
Fate gives us the obligatory drunk falling over photo for the night.
Tobby and Co on the couch... Jack don't live in them boxer shorts, but they sure are colourful!
Oh, dat's niiiiiiiice!!!
Fate and Chop "communicate", whilst onlookers cheer on (?)
Wanna see more photos? There's so many good photos from that night that I did another page! Click here to see part two!
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