Part 2
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Group photo
Yet another group photo
Chop farts, Sandoz and MasterG brace themselves
Fire away!
Woohoo!!! A pic of Breil'lya drunk!
Ohhhh yeah! Dat's the spot!
Yay, Tronya showed up!
Long time no see!
Payback and a couple of his #netsex girlfriends, one of whom figured on photographing me photographing her
Great body language! Breil'lya sits conservative, Pez sticks his finger in his ear
Fate and Chop show us why they are destined to be the next Colgate rolemodels. Can you imagine what their kids are gonna look like? Eeeek!
Tobby shows us his Tirza tickling technique. Note the way the ankle is locked in place, whilst the beer stubby is still accessable to his mouth
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