Pez's place, 16th April 1999
Backyard group photo 1
Backyard group photo 2
bakwolf, laughing too much (as always)
The girls at Payback's PC. Shyam with the usual finger.
Thrawn... Letting his fingers do the walking?
The girls. Again. Shyam's finger. Again.
They say that a good relationship is based on communication. Thrawn and Shyam like to "communicate".
Dammit, I'm sure I left my car keys here somewhere...
Wendy, showing us what she's made of.
DeVilish, pondering further what Wendy is made of?
Could it be... Shyam's long lost brother? Meanwhile, McGoo does her impression of Samantha Fox.
LadyCroft, enjoying the fresh night air on her skin.
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