• This wasn't an actual IRC channel meet, but seeing as there were numerous channel regulars there doing weird and kinky things, the photo opportunities were too good to refuse.
  • Who the heck is Tirza then? Well, she's actually not an IRC person. She's been a close friend of mine (ie Phildo) for almost five years, and has been going out with Tobby for much of this year. She's been along to some of the meets, so when she had a birthday party at her place a lot of us showed up to say hello.
  • I took 83 photos that night (!!!), these are actually the tame ones. The only reason that Automan is in so many of 'em is that almost all of the ones with Tobby are generally just a tad umm.... "naughty". Almost all photos of Tobby also seem to include Gumby, for some strage reason...
  • Being the ultra considerate bloke that I am, Backup has been spared the embarassment of his intoxicated antics being displayed here. For those that are overwhelmed with curiousity, feel most welcome to email me with promises of appropriate bribes and I'm sure we can negotiate suitable arrangements. :P
Jo (Automan's gf), Automan, bakwolf, and Pez
Breil'lya, Pez, and MasterG pull some interesting faces
tobby and Automan wander off to compare the best places to buy denim jeans
Dunno who this is, but she did a suburb impression of Monica Lewinsky!
Woohoo! Mad-Cow gets the tongue out
Gumby makes a good impression. The rumour that he was reponsible for the wet patch in the photo above is still unconfirmed though
Two complete utter bankers, discussing deposits and withdrawals
Automan and the birthday girl
Two's company... three's umm... disgusting?
bakwolf made sure that Backup had an enjoyable night
Automan, doing something kinky with a balloon
A tad later in the night, Backup and Tirza
Ohhh, how the mighty have fallen! Tobby transfers anything he ate that night into Tirza's garden
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