August 18, 1999
August 4, 1999
May 7, 1999
April 10, 1999
April 5, 1999
March 30, 1999
Feb 24, 1999
Feb 17, 1999
Feb 13, 1999
Also: I've been rather amused by LadyCrofts methods of getting rid of blokes that try to chat her up. Her R-Files page is always good for a laugh! Click here...

#perthpeoples, August 18, 1999
11:22 PM: cyrilina: Whats so similar between KY jelly and the Y2K bug?
11:22 PM: cyrilina: Cause both of them try to fit 4 digits where only 2 digits can really fit

#perthchat, August 4, 1999
4:36 PM: • • •Dick ( has joined channel #perthchat
4:36 PM: • • •Dick has been kicked off channel #perthchat by Shyam (Shyam)
4:36 PM: Phildo: awwwww....
4:37 PM: Phildo: I was gonna ask him how tall he was so I knew how big our dick is
4:37 PM: Phildo: would have made a nice topic
4:37 PM: Shyam: do you know how many times he has come in and out in and out in and out?
4:37 PM: Phildo: ha ha ha ha

May 7, 1999
6:26 PM: Tobfood: i going up to cockatoo island for a few days
6:26 PM: Phildo: ah, so ya gonna look up a cockatoo, eh?
6:27 PM: Phildo: ie say cockatoo slowly..... :P
6:27 PM: Tobfood: bet ur've seen a cockatoo
6:27 PM: Tobfood: don't worry i got it
6:31 PM: Phildo wonders what his nick is gonna become the next time Tobby's girlfriend is there....
6:32 PM: tobeat: been there done that
6:32 PM: tobeat: toblucky :)
6:32 PM: Phildo: ha ha ha
6:33 PM: tobeat: or tobbieeeeeeee
6:33 PM: Phildo: tobooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh
6:33 PM: Phildo: tob-on-a-mission
6:34 PM: tobeat: tobscore
6:34 PM: tobeat: tobontop
6:34 PM: tobeat: tobsmile
6:35 PM: tobeat: tobbypop
6:35 PM: Phildo: tobshoot
6:36 PM: Phildo: tobmess
6:36 PM: tobeat: tobestiff
6:36 PM: Phildo: tobupndown
6:36 PM: tobeat: to_be_stiff
6:36 PM: Phildo: tobinandout
6:36 PM: tobeat: tobgoal
6:37 PM: tobeat: tobsex ?
6:37 PM: Phildo: tobmoan
6:37 PM: Phildo: tobscream
6:37 PM: tobeat: tobbyhavingmindblowinggoodsexwithTirza

April 10,1999
[00:45] *** vIkToRiA has quit IRC (LIFE IS LIKE A DICK, WHEN IT'S HARD, FUCK IT!)

April 5, 1999

3:01 AM: •-•-• Signoff: dagboy (being on irc is like masturbating with a cheese grater. .....its sorta amusing at first then it gets painful!!!)

March 30, 1999

12:13 AM: •-•-• Signoff: ebola (fuck me up, fuck me down)
12:13 AM: •-•-• Signoff: Thrawn (JUST DO IT!)

Feb 24, 1999

3:17 PM: Phildo: H-Bomb: yeah, I have seen some of bakwolf's toys
3:17 PM: Phildo is exercising enormous self control here to hold back on various lines about bakwolf's pussy.....
3:18 PM: Phildo: although it is a very well put together pussy, I shall have to get you guys some photos of it when I get my new camera
3:18 PM: H-Bomb: haha
3:18 PM: bakwork: lol what I turned my head for a sec and saw this weird comment about me
3:18 PM: bakwork: lol
3:18 PM: H-Bomb: hahaha
3:18 PM: bakwork: rofl
3:18 PM: H-Bomb: lol
3:18 PM: Phildo: bakwolf: I was just telling these guys that sometime soon I am gonna have to get some close up piccies of your pussy
3:18 PM: bakwork: my pussy is really cute
3:19 PM: H-Bomb: ya gotta watch him Bakwolf
3:19 PM: Phildo: we could put those pics on a web page for people to see
3:19 PM: Phildo: would get you some great exposure
3:19 PM: bakwork: depends which pussy lol
3:19 PM: bakwork: the one on the seat or the one on top
3:19 PM: Phildo: ummm..... the one that you showed me the other night there? hehehe
3:20 PM: H-Bomb: Cant we just get both :p
3:20 PM: bakwork: hehehehe
3:20 PM: Phildo: "the one on top" <-------- ha ha ha
3:20 PM: H-Bomb: hehe
3:20 PM: bakwork: hehe how am I gonna work with you distracting me :P
3:21 PM: bakwork: have u seen the tigger pussys?
3:21 PM: H-Bomb: hmm, do I want to?
3:21 PM: Phildo: yeah, they're ok... but they pale in comparison to your finely made pussy
3:21 PM: bouchesca: hmmmmmm
3:21 PM: bouchesca: okay
3:21 PM: bouchesca: I dont really wanna be hearing this
3:22 PM: Phildo: bou: do you have a pussy?
3:23 PM: bouchesca: I have two cats Phil, yes
3:23 PM: Phildo: kewl
3:23 PM: Phildo is very much a pussy person.
3:23 PM: bouchesca: phil, behave
3:23 PM: Phildo: Asian ones are real nice.....
3:23 PM: Phildo: ie burmese, siamese
3:23 PM: bakwork: hey babe I gotta work
3:24 PM: H-Bomb: later BW
3:24 PM: Phildo: c
3:24 PM: H-Bomb: yeah right Phil
3:24 PM: Phildo: c'ya darlin'
3:24 PM: bakwork: lol your funny
3:25 PM: bakwork has a pussy back in melbourne
3:25 PM: bakwork: she's a sexy pussy too
3:25 PM: Phildo should get himself a nice furry pussy to cuddle up with in bed each night
3:25 PM: H-Bomb: Thats it im outta here. Gotta go work now ppls, talk to yas tonight
3:25 PM: Gonzo: hahaha
3:25 PM: bakwork: like a persian?
3:25 PM: H-Bomb: looks like i picked a good time to leave
3:25 PM: Phildo: burmese are nice
3:26 PM: H-Bomb: later
3:26 PM: bouchesca: okay, that's it, I'm gunna throw up
3:26 PM: H-Bomb: hahaha
3:26 PM: bakwork: siamese are nicer
3:26 PM: H-Bomb: cyas
3:26 PM: •-•-• H-Bomb has left channel #perthpeoples

Feb 17, 1999

ok, so this was me dribbling my usual crap again... needless to say, it was required that the lady's nick was removed from this one...

MissX: how are u going to de-angelise me?
Phildo: ahhhhh... that might requre repetitive "installation and removal" of my de-angelising tool
Phildo thinks that's one of the dumbest things that any male has ever said as well.
MissX: roflamo
MissX: that was so silly :P

11:52 PM: •-•-• Signoff: Thrawn` (ill miss you sugar coated honey muffin!!!!!! Cya Tomorow!!!!!!!! :)
11:52 PM: Payback: haha
11:52 PM: Payback: awww
11:53 PM: Phildo: hmmmm....
11:53 PM: Phildo: that man has some pretty good lines there...
11:53 PM: Phildo is gonna have to go get some lessons from Thrawn about lines to use on women...
11:53 PM: Phildo: :P
11:54 PM: Pez: bens fav line: roll over and take it like a man he says it worx a treat
11:55 PM: Payback: haha
11:55 PM: Payback: id like to see you say that to his face

Feb 13, 1999

Payback: HoW CaN pPl Be BoThErEd To TyPe LiKe ThIs ?
andyc: becausetheyareuttlerlyboredshitless
Shaman: i DonT KnOw Pb Do YOu KnOW ThE ANswER ?
Payback: nah, i wouldnt have a fuckin clue
Ok... this page could expand and become really funny if people make some contributions... If you see something funny said in either of the #perthpeoples or #perthchat channels, please ASAP!
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