Say What? What are these "meets" things all about?

Simple - they're about having fun! Naturally, with most of us living in the same city, we like to all meet up regularly and socialise together. Recently we have been getting together most weekends. There are heaps of photos from recent meets on the Meet Photos page.

Upcoming Meets:

The most reliable way of finding out about meets is to regularly come into the channels. If there's an upcoming meet it will most probably be in the topic. Or, just ask around, things tend to be communcated via worth of mouth (or keyboard). Feel most welcome to email (ie #perthpeoples and #perthchat webmaster) or Pez (#perthchat channel manager and #perthpeoples senior channel op) if you have ANY questions about upcoming or future meets.
If you are hosting or planning an upcoming meet, please as soon as you can so that details can be passed out!

Email List

Well, it's not an email list as such, but recently I've been experimenting with bulk emailing. There are plenty of people who would like to go to meets, but for various reasons never seem to hear about them in time. Hence email contact. This idea is still under development but looks like it will be used on a regular basis to notify channel regulars of what's on and where. If you are hosting, planning, or even considering a meet please as soon as possible so that notification can be sent out as appropriate.

The email address for the #perthpeoples & #perthchat webmaster is:
Link to the photos and meets page
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